Which one is best for me Cloud Server or Dedicated Server

One of the most important and equally complicated tasks for any business enterprise is to decide the right type of web hosting package while choosing between 2 packages with similar capabilities and infrastructure. Two of such packages are dedicated server and cloud server. So here is a detailed guide on the special features of both of them that will help you to decide the ideal package for your enterprise needs:

The key feature that distinguishes cloud hosting from dedicated hosting is its virtual platform. For instance, in publics cloud provider multiple physical servers construct the cloud platform. Each such platform hosts numerous virtual servers. In short cloud server is actually a virtual machine powered by the very strong physical server. Dedicated servers, on the other hand, are physical hardware that is solely dedicated to your web hosting purpose. Both types of hosting servers have their own sets of benefits and you can select the ideal server depending upon your specific needs.

Due to their characteristics, the virtual servers offer the clients easy usability features and offer them an elevated status when compared to the dedicated servers. To begin with, creating a new virtual server is quick and hassle free process. Additional resources can be accessed promptly at the moment you need it. This on-demand infrastructure eliminates the need for buying extra resources that may not be utilized to their fullest for most of the times.

You can promptly scale it up or down according to your current requirement of resources. For example during intense traffic loads, you can instantly avail the higher amount of resources with zero delays. Likewise, the processing and storage capabilities can be increased instantly to cater to the current demands. Of course, as the spike is normalized you can scale it down to save the cost.

One of the most revolutionary benefits of cloud servers is easy to backup and quick movement from one data center to the other. So your server operation doesn’t experience downtime even during hardware failure. Talking of the worst case scenario your server will continue to maintain optimum performance levels even during the instance of entire data center failure without experiencing a dip in uptime.

Cloud hosting also has two significant financial advantages for the users. First, the initial cost of buying and setting up of physical hardware infrastructure is eliminated you use the virtual (not physical) machine. That takes a huge financial load off your shoulders and substantial savings can be utilized for other productive areas. Secondly, the pay as you go, model, allows you to pay only for services you utilize instead of paying for a fixed size of resource/service package.

As the key responsibilities like OS updating, security, and maintenance of physical hardware are included n the service package you don’t need a separate team for managing your hosting infrastructure. It saves you from diverting your resources for maintaining technical aspects of your server.

Though they require a long time to set up as compared to the cloud servers entire set of resources if dedicated server is at your disposal 24X7X365. Besides, dedicated servers allow you a complete liberty in selecting exact specifications including the processor, RAM, storage and OS according to your specific requirements.

It also allows the dedicated servers to promise you enhanced IO performance and better computing capabilities that are key requirements when you work SSD hard drives, machines powered by multiple high-speed processors and copious quantities of DDR4 RAM. Should the demand increase you can also employ a cluster of dedicated servers for an added efficiency.

One of the key benefits that give dedicated servers a clear edge above the cloud servers is the sophisticated failsafe, enterprise-grade security. The dedicated servers are the best choice for the companies that need to meet stringent compliance requirements and have elevated security concerns like healthcare websites offering online prescription, employee login portals etc. As the dedicated servers operate on a secure island it is much safer as compared o other types f sharing.

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