When Is The Right Time To Opt For A Dedicated Server

The past decade was booming for the global hosting industry. Over the past decade dedicated web hosting has separated itself as one of the most desirable type of hosting. Regardless of the size of your business, whether it is a small start-up or large enterprise you have the responsibility to create a secure environment wherein you will cater to the needs of your target audience in the optimal manner.

Your main objective while running your business is providing your customers with the best possible services and products. A dedicated server is probably the most efficient way to do just that. With dedicated hosting your business gains the capabilities and resources of an entire server, which you don’t need to share with anyone else.

With a server dedicated to your business websites, you access enough memory and bandwidth that is required to handle the huge amount of traffic as well as any sort of interaction and multimedia. With powerful infrastructure at place you are able to provide your customers with more secure and reliable services.

Establishing a strong online presence is an imperative for all businesses, as it empowers them to market their services and products better. However, for businesses that rely on websites as resource for revenue, it is crucial that their website has optimal performance and zero downtime. Dedicated servers are an ideal tool for reaching both objectives.  

What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is a physical server which is dedicated for the use of a single customer. This server is usually used to host all the websites that are owned by a single customer. This ensures those websites will get to utilize the processor resources and memory of the dedicated server.

A dedicated server is considered to be the best possible hosting arrangement for any website and business, as the resources of the servers are not shared with any other users. This ensures you can host your website in a completely safe zone and it won’t get affected by other websites that might experience a high volume of traffic. This will ensure that the website, which is critical for your business, doesn’t slow down due to the behavior of other websites.

If you are wondering when exactly you should invest in a dedicated server, you should consider several factors. You should opt for a dedicated server right now if you think –

The cost of downtime – If your website experiences a downtime due to poor performance of the server on which it is hosted, this may prove to be fatal for your business. Just imagine those thousands of lost leads, at least some of which could have turned into your customers or partners. In order to avoid such huge loss, it’s essential to ensure a secure and reliable environment for running the website and opting for a dedicated server is probably the most effective way to do that.

Your online business generates revenue – This is another important factor that you should consider carefully. If the website acts as a key source of revenue, it will be a huge loss in case there is a downtime. For instance, if you run an eCommerce portal, it’s crucial to keep the website up and running 24X7. If a potential customer is not able to find a product that he is looking for due to slow performance or if the site crashes down when the visitors are coming to check out the products, it will affect your business adversely to a great extent.

You expect peak hours occasionally – In case, there are particular times, when your website experiences a huge flow of traffic you must opt for a dedicated server. This is again applicable for ecommerce websites which are visited by millions of users during festivals or whenever there is an announcement of huge discounts. If you plan to offer seasonal discounts to your target audience and expect a huge volume of traffic to flow in, you should definitely opt for a dedicated server.

You need special hosting features – This is one of the major factors that you need to consider well in advance. If you think that you will need exceptional hosting features like server software, additional backups, high server specification or extra redundancy, it is advisable to opt for a dedicated server. This is so because, it may not be always possible to get these services with an ordinary hosting server. When you invest in a dedicated hosting server, it is exclusively designed for your business website, and hence, it’s easy to incorporate advanced features like these. This will also help you run your business smoothly.

You need priority support – While investing in a dedicated hosting server, you can customize the services that are provided. If you feel that you will need support on a priority basis in order to run your business smoothly, it’s advisable to opt for dedicated hosting services. Since these type of servers have been designed in a specialized manner you can expect all types of priority support with a server like this.

There are a wide range of benefits that you can avail while opting for a dedicated server. Most importantly, the risk of your website getting slowed down gets reduced to a great extent. You can also enjoy unbelievable server response times, which ensures your visitors don’t need to wait for minutes while navigating through your websites. But you have to understand, why do you need to have a dedicated server for your business?

Even if there are some minor issues, there will always be a technical team of experts, who will provide you with the best priority support and will help you resolve any probable issues in the minimum possible time. Apart from these you can also enjoy increased uptime and reliability of the server, which in turn, help improve the overall performance of the website. In case you need to store some confidential data, you can also do that without worrying about the security.

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