What Is VPS Hosting and When to Choose It?

The main purpose behind launching a website for your product is to market and promote it effectively on a bigger platform, making it available to the worldwide audience via the World Wide Web. There are multiple types of web hosting available to choose from. These are broadly classified on the basis of various aspects like their amount of storage capacity, reliability, server speed amongst others into: Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Hosting. 

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS Hosting or Virtually Private Hosting is the kind of Web Hosting that is a balance of Shared and Dedicated Hosting creating an option for the users which has an average of the qualities and characteristics of both the Shared and the Dedicated types of Hosting. With VPS Hosting, your site does continue to be on a Shared server, although this one would be partitioned or divided into a number of virtual machines; treating each of them as if they were an individual, independent Dedicated Server. 

VPS is much safer, secured, and faster as compared to the Shared Server but is not as safe and efficient as the Dedicated Server. Choosing the correct or ideal type of Web Hosting is not an easy task and thus it is very important that you are well informed about the multiple options available to choose from. The Virtually Private Server can be classified into Open VZ VPS Hosting, Xen VPS Hosting, Windows VPS Hosting, and Linux VPS Hosting. Open VZ VPS refers to a container-based virtualization solution that enables the said administrators to create multiple, independent operating systems on a web server. 

A Managed Virtually Private Server, commonly referred to as the Managed VPS stands for a hosting service that aims to provide you with an independent, virtual server with regular content backup, 24-hour live monitoring, and tech support, and a control panel. It is very important for the users to be well informed about the types and benefits of each of the Virtually Private Server Hosting before choosing a VPS Hosting plan. There is no best VPS plan as such but it basically is a subjective choice depending on your particular needs. It is very important that you go through a thorough VPS comparison before choosing your VPS Hosting Plan

A Virtually Private Server is basically the one that is partitioned or divided virtually so that each of these has its own operating systems, bandwidth, and disc space. There are a number of pros and cons of Virtually Private Server Hosting. 


  1. In hosting’s that use a physical server, the VPS Hosting account is much more economically convenient than the Fully Dedicated Hosting Plan. 
  1. The VPS hosting plan comes with a flexible option to alter the plan that you choose depending on your changing needs so that you pay only for what you actually need. 
  1. The VPS Hosting Plans are desirable considering the fact that they are easily scalable, wherein you can start with a limited number of resources and then gradually increase them as and when you need them. 
  1. When compared to the Shared Server, you have much more control over your virtual server with a Virtually Private Server. It provides you with root access which is one of its prominent features. 


  1. The highlighting characteristic of the VPS Hosting is that it is an in-between the Shared Server and the Dedicated Server. This along with being an advantage is a big disadvantage for VPS in terms of the financial factor. The VPS is not as expensive as the fully dedicated one but at the same time, is not exactly very cheap. 
  1. Another big issue with Virtually Private Servers is that some of the web hosts fail to allocate the resources properly which can lead to multiple problems at a later stage. It is very important for the user to know exactly the number of virtual accounts available on the server. 
  1. As compared to the Shared Server Hosting, the Virtually Private Hosting requires much more technical knowledge. The Shared Server Hosting plan is by far the most basic and inexpensive Hosting plan available. In this type of hosting, multiple users have access to the same server and are ideal for websites that do not receive a lot of traffic. 
  1. The Virtually Private Server is the kind of server that is a shared platform that behaves like a dedicated server, having its individual operating system and benefits. 

If you are on a Shared Server plan and come across the following factors; it is a situation directing you to switch to the Virtually Private Server Hosting plan: 

  • If yours is an E-commerce website, a VPS Hosting would be the most ideal option for you since your entire business is dependent on your website and thus its safety and security is of utmost importance. 
  • A VPS Hosting provides you with a unique IP address, thus eliminating the presence of any other domain assuring complete security of the Website. 
  • When you start having extra incoming traffic, it slows down the processing of the website. Thus, changing to a VPS Server can be a good option to overcome this. 
  • The SEO ranking of your website is a crucial concept. When you are on a Shared Server, there are multiple external websites sharing the same server with you. Naturally, activities on their website would have a parallel effect on your website. To eliminate this, switching to a VPS Hosting is a good option. 
  • Thus, it can be noted that a Virtually Private Server provides you with a number of options like better flexibility, more privacy, better administrative access and comfortable customization making it a good option to choose. 

In addition to being a correct balanced option between the Shared and the Dedicated Servers, VPS Hosting is becoming one of the most sought-after Web Hosting Services. 

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