What Is the Difference between Network and Cyber Security?

Network Security: 
Network Security is the measures taken by any enterprise or organization to secure its computer network and data using both hardware and software systems. This aims at securing the confidentiality and accessibility of the data and network. Every company or organization that handles a large amount of data, has a degree of solutions against many cyber threats. Managed Firewall, IPS/IDS, and WAF Solutions provide administration, monitoring, and maintenance of firewall infrastructure, freeing clients from the burden of policy management, upgrades, and patch deployment. 

Cyber Security: 
Cyber Security is the measure to protect our system from cyber-attacks and malicious attacks. It is basically to advance the security of the system so that we can prevent unauthorized access to our system from attackers. It protects cyberspace from attacks and damages. Cyberspace can be hampered by inherent vulnerabilities that cannot be removed sometimes. 

Here is the Difference between Network Security and Cyber Security: 

Network Security: –  

  • Protects the data flowing over the network.  
  • It’s a subset of cyber security. 
  • Protects anything in the network realm. 
  • Provide protection from DOS attacks. 
  • Network Security strikes against trojans

Cyber Security: –  

  • Protects the data flowing over the network 
  • It’s a subset of information security 
  • Protects anything in the cyber-Realm  
  • Deals with the Cyber – attacks  
  • It Strikes against cyber – crimes and cyber frauds. 

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