What Is Network Security? Types of It?

Firstly, These days a lot of confidential and sensitive data of every business is stored online and is accessible through networks. Which might be at risk. So, it is important to have good network security that allows companies to secure their data and grant access only to authorized personnel and entities. It is not generally easy to detect or prevent data threats, and this can lead to companies compromising their data and to financial loss. Professionals in the field of network security are, therefore, responsible for preventing and interpreting these threats. 

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What is Network Security? 

Network security allows you to take preventive measures to help protect the networking infrastructure from malfunction, misuse, destruction, modification, unauthorized access, etc. While you are uploading your data on the internet and thinking it is safe and secure, attackers can breach this data and leak confidential information or steal money. Therefore, it is necessary to secure your network. 

Network security is an important part of cyber security and, helps in protecting your network and data stored in it from breaches, software and hardware intrusion, and more. For Instance, Network security defines a set of important rules, regulations, and configurations based on threats, network use, accessibility, and complete threat security. 

Types of Network Security 

In the field of network security, there are multiple components working together to ensure the security of data and networks. Based on this, there are several different types of network security: 

  • Firewalls 
  • Access control 
  • Virtual private networks (VPNs) 
  • Intrusion prevention systems 
  • Wireless Network security 
  • Application Network security 
  • Behavioral analytics 


A firewall is a type of security device that monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic and permits or blocks data packets based on a set of security rules. Firewalls are services or devices that act as guards responsible for deciding which web page, pop-up, and other services enter and exit a network. Its purpose is to establish a barrier between your internal network and incoming traffic from external sources in order to block malicious traffic like viruses and hackers. Firewalls can be for software, hardware, or both, depending on the needs of the system. 

Access Control 

Access control is a fundamental component of data security that dictates who’s allowed to access and use company information and resources. It allows companies to prevent potential attackers from invading confidential information and to block unauthorized devices and users from accessing the given network. This allows only those users to access the network who are permitted to work with the given resources. 

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) 

A VPN generally uses the internet to encrypt the connection between an endpoint device and a network. Further, VPN allows professionals to authenticate the communication between the network and the device. Therefore, This results in building an encrypted and secure tunnel via the internet. 

Intrusion Prevention Systems 

An intrusion prevention system (IPS) is a form of security that works to detect and prevent identified threats. Intrusion prevention systems continuously monitor your network, looking for possible malicious incidents and capturing information about them. Additionally, Intrusion prevention systems find and prevent attacks by scanning network traffic. This is done by using databases of attack techniques that professionals are familiar with and correlating them with network activities. 

Wireless Network Security 

Wireless security is specifically created to keep unauthorized users from accessing your network and stealing sensitive information. however, Wired networks are not as secure as wireless networks. It is necessary for you to control the devices and users that can access your company’s network. Hence, it is important for you to have wireless security, especially when cybercriminals are rapidly targeting confidential information for extortion. 

Application Network Security 

Application Security describes security measures at the application level that aim to prevent data or code within the app from being stolen or hijacked. This involves a set of software, hardware, and processes that track and lock the weak points of an application to be easily be targeted by attackers to infiltrate your network. It is important because today’s applications are often available over various networks and connected to the Cloud, increasing vulnerabilities to security threats and breaches. 

Behavioral Analytics 

If you want to be able to identify anomalies and various network breaches as and when they occur, you need to have a clear idea of the normal behavior of your network. There are tools available that automatically spot abnormal activities to protect networks. 

Where To Get Best Network Security Solutions? 

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