WebnCloud Expo received by great enthusiasm in Jaipur | AvertHost

WebnCloud Expo – an ambitious conference on best practices, challenges and opportunities in the field of IT infrastructure and digital marketing, was recently organized by averthost on 15 September 2017. The venue was Hotel Royal Orchid Jaipur. The conference included interactive demos, discussions, announcements, best practices and insightful talks by industry experts. Various aspects of digital presence were discussed in 20 different sessions by seasoned professionals.

The conference was attended by hosting companies, start-ups, datacenters, bloggers, software companies and digital marketing professionals. A major focus was on the cost-effective practices in the field of digital marketing and cloud technology. At the same time the present problems associated with security and disaster management were also discussed. The key speakers included Piyush Agarwal and Om Thoke (Digital Marketing), Mr. Akar Periwal (Infrastructure Security / Ransomware) and Sanjeev Sharma (Corporate Email Communications).

The sessions held at the webncloudexpo were majorly focused on finding the practical and cost-effective solutions for various challenges faced by SMEs of India like digital marketing, cloud implementation, disaster recovery management and infrastructure security. Seasoned speakers and subject experts benefitted the audience with their quick, clear and concise speech that was majorly centered on discussing the present challenges of the industry and finding the precise solutions. The sessions were presented in a comprehensible language that was equally beneficial for the audience from technical and non-technical backgrounds. A number of unexplored options were discussed and fresh perspectives were presented on existing problems. The talks were supported by real life case studies that made it easier for the non-technical audience to understand this complicated issue.

Talks on digital marketing and Disaster Recovery were received with rapt attention and appreciated by the start-ups and SMEs who were observed taking down the notes during the session that showed their eagerness to improve on their digital marketing efforts. Besides, the talks on Cloud security and Disaster recovery management met with great applaud by the audience from technical backgrounds. The complicated subjects was lightened with the help of real-life examples. At the end of the session, a short Q&A session was held where the specific ground reality problems were resolved. It was followed by the session on effective corporate communication that was centered on the importance and scope of corporate communication, its role in the business and how it could shape the future of an enterprise. The session was thoroughly enjoyable, thanks to the expertise and communication skills of the speaker.

The conference was not low on the fun part either. The audience enjoyed signature dishes of Rajasthan as well as continental delicacies, networked with fellow fraternity and also tried their luck in the lucky draw contest with some exciting prizes like Smartphone and other gadgets.

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