Top 5 Features of VPS Hosting (And Why Your Business Needs Them).

Before switching to a Virtual Private Server (VPS), it is important to be familiar with the benefits and features of this type of web hosting. A VPS offers you complete, core access to the operating system (OS) that VPS runs its own copy with. Also, it runs in a similar manner like a dedicated server would. For most businesses, VPS is a viable option due to its ability to increase output and performance by reducing costs. From real estate firms to IT companies that have high competitive levels, implementing VOS enables an increase in profit margins.


Since it operates as a dedicated server but runs on another server, VPS is not only cheap but offers a high-degree of scalability, reliability, and security of its environment. With VPS, you do not need to share resources with other users and allows you to run on more than one virtualization platform on currently installed operating systems.

So, for businesses that graduated from shared hosting, but has limited resources and budget for a dedicated server, VPS is the way to go. Here are the top five features of VPS hosting and how your business can benefit from them.

One of the key benefits of a VPS hosting package is that they are set up so they have a dedicated allocation of resources. The VPS solution is ideal for guaranteeing a robust service for a reasonable price. You get flexibility in choosing ample disk space and storage, monthly data transfers, and guaranteed RAM.

VPS offers dedicated-server-like purposes and functions that allows you root access to give you the power to run various operating systems, install applications, and manage reselling services.

It’s been often said that scalable systems are preferred in business settings. With VPS hosting services, you enable your website to scale. Scalability refers to the ability to handle sudden, increased workloads on the server, typically by utilizing redundant system resources. Whether your business is on hyper-growth mode or it’s in need of managing a growing amount of workloads, VPS ensures that you can scale for success.  

You have the options of choosing either a Windows or Linux VPS hosting. But before choosing a VPS hosting provider, it is advisable to learn which type of VPS environment you will need to run your applications: Windows or Linux. Linux hosts an entirely different function than Windows but certainly has its own advantages. If you run Python, PERL or Ruby scripts, Linux is your preferred environment.  A Windows environment is best suited for the job if you run on PHP or

Your VPS hosting package comes with a 27/4 technical support and service monitoring 365 days a year. You will also be provided with a money back guarantee depending on your chosen hosting provider. This comes as a standard – a reliable provider should meet your organization’s needs through customer service.

VPS hosting packages allow you to reach well-informed IT experts who can speak to you in a way you understand. Unless you feel comfortable with hosting terms and processes and are tech-savvy enough to ask technical questions, it is best to look for a hosting provider that offers top notch customer service for all levels of technical expertise. Often, support can be reached via a toll-free phone call, email, live chat or social media.

Indeed, with VPS hosting, you have these benefits and more at affordable costs.

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