The role of Domain Name and Web Host in SEO

When commencing an online store or e-commerce company, online display is one of your top preferences. You desire to have great rankings, massive traffic, and actual conversion.

It may appear that a site’s domain name and the hosting service you use do not play a vital role, but they can significantly affect your SEO – so more time needs to be devoted to picking the best available choices. Let’s explore these options.

In this article, I’ll show you how domain name and web hosting affects your search engine traffic and give you some simple but helpful advice to pick the right domain name and the web hosting to increase your search engine traffic.

If you need to build trust between you and your consumers, it would be smart for both your offline and online store to have the same name.

Unfortunately, getting the domain name you want can be tough, and people usually compromise in this area. Still, if you are commencing a new company – essentially if it’s an online-based store – you have an edge; you can find a domain name you like first and then name your business after it.

An essential aspect of finding an adequate domain name is keyword search. If you want excellent visibility, your domain name should contain a keyword that is related to either your products or services.

For example, if you sell only electronic items, your domain name should include that word for adding the needed meaning of your name and your business’s type.

This approach, when people google the product they desire to buy, if the product is in the name, the website will be more visible.

When you are choosing a name for your site, it should be easy to memorize and easy to spell. The name should include either one or two words, and one of those words should be the name of the product or service.

It is important that your website is available for customers 24/7. If your website is regularly unavailable, then one of its primary purposes is defeated.

The more people you turn away, the less traffic, you will make. It is the main deal-breaker if a hosting service can’t promise that your website will be up and live 99.99% of the time.

For a website that just presents content, this may not be too harmful, but for an e-commerce website server, uptime is a top priority.

An excellent web hosting service can provide good uptime, best page speed, and various other things like a free domain. You need to be conscious what defines a good web hosting provider if you want to run a successful site with modest traffic.

In the long term, websites that are unavailable too commonly fall in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and this suggests that all your SEO efforts are wasted.

A response that is held for one second can result in 7% of lost conversion, whereas a two-second delay can spike that loss up to 40%.

Of course, this responsiveness is also affected by the server’s location. To be more accurate it is affected by the distance of geolocation between the server and the user.

A good web hosting provider should give you with distributive power, i.e. it should have a CDN that can assure that your site data is safe on more than one server.

A mutually satisfying transaction is like that can bring your clients back for another shopping trip. One way to ensure this real experience is to have various payment gateways integrated into your website or online store.

Also, to make sure you build a solid bond of trust with your customers, you need to analyze the payment gateway server security of your online store which, once again, a good web host should be able to provide.

If you want to grow your search engine ranking, you must work on domain name and web hosting service provider. You should pay close attention to your name as well because it will ensure that your site is more actively discovered.

Above mentioned steps will help you to find ideal domain name and web hosting service provider for your business. Changing domain name is difficult to an established business.

However, if you are still at the beginning planning point of your company, you should keep points mentioned above in mind while choosing the web host and domain name.

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