Some really helpful tips to find an ideal hosting provider

Once you have designed your website the next thing is to find a suitable web hosting services. Choosing the right hosting provider is very important if you want to enjoy a smooth online experience and make a strong identity for your website. As more and more businesses are entering the online arena, the competition is at all time high. Besides, Google keeps on introducing a number of guidelines to ensure the best user experience. When we talk of the user experience, the speed is of prime importance and that greatly depends upon the web hosting quality. Then there are other concerns like security, data backup and above all quality support. So, you need to be very careful while choosing the web hosting provider. Here is a detailed guide on choosing the best web hosting provider for your website:

It goes without saying that you must know your exact hosting needs for choosing the most ideal hosting provider. For that you need to make a complete checklist. Answering whats is not enough, you should also have the nearly precise answer to “how much”. Though you are the best person to prepare the checklist depending upon your requirements, here is the sample checklist on which you can base your final checklist:

While buying domains is not expensive you do need hosting space to accommodate them. In absence of adequate hosting space the cheaper-than-a-pizza domain may look only partially attractive. Opt for the web hosting account that allows you to add multiple domains. On an average the economical shared hosting plans allow you to have 25 add-on domains in single account! But it is always good to confirm the things before handedly. Add-on domain is the separate website that has a different domain but you can host it on the same web host.

User experience matters a lot when it comes to retaining clients and scoring high in SEO. In fact it can even put your SEO expenses at a stake. Suppose you invested heavily in SEO and your website started appearing in top of Google results. You can expect a huge number of audiences. But if your site slows down quite frequently the audiences will hit back button repeatedly even before your site launches fully. Each back button hitting is like negative marking that would lower your search engine ranking. So the most basic prerequisite for online success is fast speed. So ensure that your hosting provider offers the best user experience.

Check for the uptime guarantee offered by your hosting provider. It should be 99.5% or above. Anyone offering a lower figure may interfere severely with your user experience and SEO rankings.

Reviews can be good references but don’t rely on them completely. Check for yourself. There are a number of tools that you can use to effectively monitor your providers’ services. You can purchase many of them at very economical rates. Trial versions are also available.

In general scenario, a shared hosting account can ideally support a WordPress blog that receives around 40,000 unique visits every month. Ensure that your concurrent database connections should be on the left side of 20.

You might have launched a beta site and wish to increase the amount and depth of content after, say, 3 months. So comparatively the traffic should increase during that time. Many hosting providers offer affordable shared hosting packages to attract the beginners but their VPS or dedicated hosting packages are very expensive. You would possibly not like to move the web hosting from one provider to the other as that is a complicated process and may also be detrimental for your data. Look with the future’s eye and ensure that your hosting provider should be offering dependable services and economical packages for higher hosting plans too, like VPS, dedicated or cloud hosting.  

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