.Shiksha An educational gTLD with a Heritage value

In a bid to offer more choices to the website owners, ICANN introduced new gTLD program that widens the choices for the people and at the same time allow them to use more specific and relevant domain names. the website owner has a better way to strengthen his online identity in a more emphasized manner. It has also affected the online audience preferences. Due to their very specific character, new gTLDs are often a subject of discussion in the domain industry. However, some gTLDs are uniquely appealing and are widely discussed in domain industry as well as general public or industry. One such gTLD in India is .Shiksha- that has a specific significance for education industry India that focuses on Hindi-speaking community.

Here are several benefits that an educational institute or training center can expect by using .Shiksha gTLD:


The Hindi word Shiksha means education or learning. The very mention of Shiksha brings to mind academic education, learning institutes, training, teachers, and tutors. Here’s how .shiksha can help you leave a greater impact on your Hindi Speaking audience:

Indians have a certain respect and a positive attitude towards the word Shiksha

The genuine connotation of the word influence audience psychology during first few seconds when they glance through search page for the most ideal link

By using the familiar term (Shiksha) you will have a better connect with your audience that can convert into more clicks over period of time


By virtue of its varying meanings, Shiksha has a broader appeal. Apart from academic schools and coaching institutes, it can be applied to:


Language institute

Pre-kids school

Online education

Technical institute

Trade institute, like jewelry designing institute


One of the major objectives of a website is to leave the precise influence on your audience, or in other words, influence them in the desired manner. Here’s how .Shiksha can help you to achieve that objective:

Being a relevant and classic Hindi word, .Shiksha makes your audience to feel in their comfort zone while browsing your website. It leaves a healthy influence on them

It would also be interesting to note that a huge number of students who join vocational institutes like computer hardware repairing or mobile hardware repairing are more comfortable with Hindi. So, by using.Shiksha gTLD, you may penetrate more effectively into this particular segment

A few other educational gTLDs have been used for long for educational websites and enjoy a universal approach. However, there are a few major reasons to opt for .Shiksha instead of traditional educational gTLDs:

Many educational specific gTLDs entail a lengthy process of documentation and formalities that can take a long time and absorb much attention

.edu (sTLD) cannot be used by Indian educational institutes or any other Indian publisher because of geographical limitations. .edu can only be used by postsecondary institutes of US

Besides, in order to influence the specific audience, you should be using the gTLD that your target group can easily connect with

Unlike many other educational gTLDs, .Shiksha is a single gTLD that is easy to remember and more appealing

.shiksha educational

At the end of the day, you need to have the “relevant visitors” on your website as that would increase the chances of conversion. So, the benefits of .Shiksha go beyond clicks and can actually help you to get more leads as it brings the “relevant” audience to your site. Here are a 3 ways in which relevant traffic can enhance the user experience and thus improve search engine ranking over a period of time:

The relevant audience is more likely to stay for a longer duration on your site

Relevant audience engage more deeply

It can also minimize the bounce rate

Another major benefit of. Shiksha domain is the simplicity of registration process. In fact, the conventional education specific gTLDs involve a tedious and quite complicated registration process requiring you to present a number of specific documents. So, a huge number of educational institutes like local coaching centers, individual tutors, trade schools and language learning centers generally find it difficult to apply as they lack the resources, time or required amount of accreditations to get education specific gTLDs.

.Shiksha is a boon for this specific sector as it does not require you to produce any accreditations, visit any specific office or meet any official

You can easily get a .Shiksha gTLD just like any other gTLD- .com, .net or .in and some reputed providers like averthost Datacenter and hosting services also offer a fair price promise and a free consultation to interested parties for maximum benefits

.Shiksha beautifully combines the premium character and easy procedure

.shiksha educational domain

There are a good number of reasons to opt for .Shiksha gTLD for the educational institute catering to Hindi-speaking community. However, you also need to keep a few things in mind to fortify your brand protection:

At the same time, there is a possibility of someone buying your popular .com .in or any other on-Shiksha domain name by opting for extension .shiksha whether intentionally or unintentionally. In either way, it can have a major effect on your brand identity

Ironically, the people finding you over the net would be more likely to click your counterpart domain name with .shiksha extension. They would find the domain name with .shiksha extensions more reliable/relevant than your .com domain name

In order to protect your brand, it is advisable to book your domain with .shiksha extension even if you already have a .com domain name

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