Scope of internet and cloud based solutions in education sector and growth of skill of students by internet and cloud

The Internet in general is one of the greatest innovations of the mankind as it has helped in widening connectivity and allowing people to work collaboratively despite the geographical and cultural differences. Another major innovation is cloud-based solutions that have further added to the functionality of internet like storage and data manipulation. It has helped a healthy growth in many sectors. One such sector is education. Let us know how it has affected the education sector:

Communication and Collaboration are two key points of quality education. Here the cloud can play a revolutionary role in transforming the entire scene by empowering the teachers and students to communicate/collaborate with ease. Here are some ways in which cloud-based solutions can help the teachers and students:

It is available 24X7 and is available at any place that has a good connectivity

Cloud is a convenient platform for teachers to inform the students about educational assignments, syllabus, and schedule of academic tasks using Google Drive or other cloud-based virtual storage system

Students are automatically notified of new academic tasks

Being a common platform for students and teachers cloud solutions streamline the entire process of task assignment, completion, and evaluation

Using various automated tools It is easier to check the different stages of the work evolution and compare the performances on different criteria

Along with academic studies, it is very important for a student to develop various skills to get the maximum benefit of education. Cloud-based learning system can effectively help in the same. Here’s how:

Cloud helps to effectively connect the students on a global level and thus instills a healthy competition among them

Cloud allows equality by offering the same platform to different students of different countries that boost the confidence of the students

By connecting with global classroom the students can take benefits of different education systems and enjoy a wholesome skill development

At one point of time, the huge group projects used to be a tedious affair. The students had to gather at a particular place, usually at a group member’s house, to work on the same project causing inconvenience for the group members as well as their family but there was no other option. But cloud solutions are revolutionizing the situation:

A number of students can work on the single project from their own house that makes the things comfortable and convenient for them

Working from their comfort zone enhances their attention and interests and positively influences the results

The teachers can apply a number of criteria to monitor the individual endeavors of different students that help them in assessing individual growth

Even the projects where heavy media work is involved like PowerPoint presentation, or audio/video files, the students don’t have to save them on a flash drive or USB for submission purpose. Due to the huge space available in the cloud, they can just save their work on the cloud storage:

It saves the teacher from collecting and sifting through a huge number of CD discs or flash that could somewhere affect the interest of the teacher

Another advantage is that the students or teachers can choose to have a complete access to the entire progress history as they can opt to store the old data instead of deleting it

Using automated tools the teachers can precisely understand the major weak points and strengths of the students while the students can use the data for reference purpose.

In many situations, it is not practically possible for a student to attend the school. The situation can be more serious when due to some reason the majority of students and even teachers are not able to attend the school, for example, heavy incessant rains. During that period the students can take advantage of cloud-based classrooms:

Cloud-based classroom is a virtual and scalable digital classroom where teachers can either offer basic lessons or opt for more focused video lessons

Depending upon the connectivity the teachers can also offer one on one chat session to the students that are a more effective approach

Students who are not very comfortable with digital communication may also opt for video messaging programs

There are a number of regions in India where a teacher would not enter due to the political unrest or any other reason. Cloud solutions allow teachers to easily offer education through virtual infrastructure in those areas

Generally, it has been noticed that the uninterrupted connection between children, teacher and parents is vital to ensure healthy growth of children and help the parents and teachers to achieve their objectives. Cloud can play a pivotal role as a common connector between children, teachers, and parents:

The teachers can not only assign multiple projects and other academic tasks to the students but can also streamline the same by using reminders to the students

Taking the reach a step further, the cloud also allows the teachers to send the assignments in the form of mails as well as SMS texts and hence it helps students never to miss any important assignment

By including parents in the list the teachers can also ensure that parents are in the knowledge of the progress and academic activities of their children

Parents will be instantly notified when an assignment is given to the students they may also monitor the progress and performance

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