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averthost believes in the power of partnering with the best. Right from our server machines and routers to the data center technologies and IT solutions powering our digital ecosystem- we have partnered with the best brands in the world.

Here is the list of our partners

Partners we are proud of


Cisco is the global leader in the IT industry providing reliable solutions and products in networking, routers, switches, IoT, cyber security, and other related niches. A majority of the global brands of the world- including fortune 500 companies- rely on Cisco solutions for enhancing the fundamental strength or their IT operations- right from peripherals like routers or switches to extremely sophisticated services like cyber security. The company is a global leader in CSR activities too and also runs the Cisco Networking Academy Program to prepare a resilient force of IT experts and professionals across the globe. 


Synonymous with IT, Microsoft is the world leader in providing an extensive range of software, solutions, IT peripherals, and reliable solutions to individuals and institutions across the globe. The company is known for blending innovation with practicality to produce amazing IT solutions with a purpose-oriented approach.


Jelastic is the new age enterprise DevOps PaaS for containers that can either be deployed n bare metal hardware or cloud IaaS. It has been empowering the enterprises to scale p their efficiencies and acquire better opportunities by providing them affordably priced certified containers for Ruby, PHP, Java, .NET, Node.js, and Python along with allowing and facilitating the use of custom Docker containers for further multiplying the capabilities.


In simple words, Virtual Machine or VM (as in VMware) is a software that perfectly simulates all the key functionalities of hardware. Multiple VMs can run independently and simultaneously on a single machine- each one assuming functionalities of an individual system. It allows companies to compress the power and individuality of several hardware systems in a single machine. In simple words, it means “Do more with less”- that multiplies efficiency while decreasing costs, hassles and space requirements. VMware is a mega concept that has been empowering enterprises- big and small- to gain freedom from high operating costs, recurring hassles, efficiency issues, and space requirements by minimizing hardware dependency for their desktop, server, and networking needs. 


CPanel and WHM have been providing a friendly full-capacity hosting panel to the individuals and institutions across the globe to a vast majority of clients. Blending the best of ease and efficiency, it allows both beginners and advanced users to confidently manage their website administration regardless of their technical knowledge. 


Smarter tools help the business perform the tasks faster- and in a smarter way by providing them a wide inventory of powerful software including SmarterTrack, SmarterMail, and SmarterStats.


Plesk is the powerful WebOps platform allowing users to operate, automate, and grow diverse applications and websites using multiple OS. It offers the most reliable features and functionalities for web hosts, resellers, end clients, and developers across the world. Right from automated WordPress hosting management to sophisticated SEO automation tools, Plesk offers almost “Every essential thing users require to get best out of their websites- no matter where they are in their digital journey”

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