How To Find The Right Hosting For Your eCommerce

When setting up your eCommerce site one of the very first things to consider are your hosting options. In order to provide you with some guidelines, this article will cover some basic elements you should consider when choosing a hosting provider.

The three types of hosting options you have are:

This hosting plan, as the name implies, means that your website will share the hosting with other sites. Without a doubt, this is the most affordable option, but it does come with some drawbacks. The main disadvantage of using a shared hosting is the limited amount of traffic you can receive on your website at a given time.

Shared hosting is great for starting but if large amounts of traffic is expected then it is not the best option for your eCommerce. Once your limit is reached, the load speed of your site will be reduced. You can also experience impact to your website performance if another website that you share the server with is taking up too much data.

The main difference of VPS, compared to Shared Hosting, are dedicated resources for your website. In essence, it means that even though you are sharing the physical server, each client is allocated its own set of resources.

 With VPS you also gain control over the maintenance and performance of your website. Keep in mind that with your own set of resources, traffic to other sites will not affect yours.

With Dedicated Server Hosting you are choosing one of the best hosting options available. Website is hosted on an individual server, means that you have a complete control over both your website and the server.

This hosting option is more expensive than VPS hosting, in which you only pay for the space and performance you need.

It is worth noting that having control over your own server may mean you need a dedicated IT team to maintain your website. However you can opt to purchase “managed” version of this hosting plan. Choosing the managed dedicated server is particularly useful for clients that have the understanding of system administration concepts but do not necessarily poses deeper knowledge of syntax of the specific operating systems being implemented.

Now that you are familiar with main hosting types, and hosting features that can impact the performance of your eCommerce website it is time to choose your provider.

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