Data Privacy Day and Its importance at AvertHost’s Datacenter

January 28 is notable as Data Privacy or Data Protection Day and is celebrated the world over with a major presence in US, Canada and Europe. It was started in the year 2007 to spread consciousness amongst the general public as well as small, medium and large enterprises and private and government organisations of the need to protect data from unwanted quarters that may pry from the internet or social networking sites.
To encourage personal control over our own information whether personal or financial the Data Privacy Day touches on the various parameters through social activities and events thereby educating on newer technologies, regulatory compliances, privacy and data protection. Interested Governments,  industrialists, educational institutions, corporates, NGO’s, and privacy enthusiasts all join hands on this day for brainstorming sessions for future betterment of privacy issues. 

Personal data is a major form of revenue to businesses as through it they can judge their customers better and on a personal and financial level. The type of service that businesses provide are tailormade as per the data collected of the consumers. Today everyone is mobile and net friendly and are socially adapted to the new genre of internet retail market which promises gizmos, products and hard-to-leave offers with one of the major attractions of COD facility. The same goes with online transactions for recharges or cashback offers which are a sure shot way of getting a new customer. But to avail this service, one has to reveal one’s personal data to the said business. This data is encrypted and stored in servers.

Such businesses face the need to assure that their customers and clients data should be safe and well protected. For this, preventive measures need to be taken such as having the data stored at a secure Datacenter.   
Nowadays the cloud security and infrastructure is on boom. Data security and privacy is one of the major concerns in the world today. New type of cyber threats such as MITM are constantly trying to hack into the retail internet market today. To have the data safe, and secure, such businesses store their servers at the Data Center facility wherein the network is strongly built to avert any minor or major cyber, virus or trojan attacks, identity thefts or fraudulent transactions. New type of security technologies are also getting introduced in data centers such as IPS/IDS Firepower (advanced firewall) etc. 

We at averthost use the latest technologies to keep our clients data safe and private. averthost’s Dataenter facility located in the city of Jaipur is considered as one of the safest locations worldwide from natural disasters as well as being known as a peaceful city with immense business and growth possibilities. 

There was a seminar held on January 28th 2016 for Data Privacy Day and was chaired by Naveen Sharma – Director averthost, Akar Periwal – Network Administrator, Rajiv Sanyal – Manager Sales.

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