Choosing the best WordPress Hosting plan is not hard?

As more and more small businesses start to see the value of a website and look to get their businesses online, choosing a reliable, high-performing and cost-efficient WordPress hosting Plan for your clients may seem complex. 

It ultimately starts with one simple question. 

Will you be hosting your client’s websites in your account or their account? 

  • Individual WordPress Hosting plans to each client’s account as you acquire new clients 

If yes, then Averthost’s WordPress hosting plans will give you the same access to WordPress you’re used to. along with some awesome features to help make running a website easier for you and your clients. 

Decide on features, how much storage you’ll need for the content, the number of monthly visitors, and your budget. 

If you answered hosting in your client’s account: 

Our individual WordPress hosting plans will be your best bet. You can use Averthost’s WP ADVANCE to earn rewards by setting your clients up with a new hosting plan and managing the website from within their accounts. 

Here’s how it works 

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Starter Hosting plan

Starting with the Starter plan because it provides the most value for a standard WordPress website. We throw in a free SSL Certificate in 225INR per month with Free Migration, CDN, and Backup Services. This plan will be the best choice for a start-up base.  

Geek Hosting plan

The Geek starter plan includes 15 GB of storage, ideal for 20k visitors a month. Which comes with free SSL, Dedicated A/C manager, Load balancer, and much more. 

Pro Hosting Plan

A tier up from Basic for single WordPress hosting is the Pro plan, with 30 GB storage of storage. which is ideal for 50k visitors per month, professional emails, website backup protection, and SEO optimizer. 

Advance  Hosting Plan

And if you’re client is in need of an online store, our Advance plan is your best bet. This plan is not only optimized for eCommerce WordPress sites. This plan will give you 100 Gb of Disk space sufficient for almost 150k Visitors. In this, you will get Unlimited Professional Emails, Premium CDN, and all Unlimited Features you are Craving for. These premium extensions are absolutely free for the life of the plan.  

And that’s the lowdown on our individual WordPress hosting plans, all of which include our nifty WordPress hosting themes (pre-built themes that are a breeze to customize with a drag-and-drop editor). Simply choose your type of business and we provide a ready-made site for you — with relevant images. Or, put your own unique touch on it and choose from a bevy of WordPress themes and plugins. Your call. 

Interested in our individual WordPress hosting plans? You can Get it here. WordPress Hosting – Avert Host | SSD VPS | Dedicated Servers Indian DC