Blog | How To Choose a Quality Dedicated Server Host?

If you run a large business, or eCommerce website then dedicated server is your ideal solution, as server is leased solely to host your website. Those that have experience with running their servers in-house are already aware how much time and resources they demand. Making sure your servers run smoothly can be overwhelming task.

With hosted dedicated server you get more flexibility and far less maintenance, data centers provide the best which is a necessity for sites with heavy traffic.

Dedicated servers can be operated and configured remotely which is helpful to business as it helps save costs relating to routers, internet connections, network administration and security systems. In essence dedicated server is a rental service where users rent the server and software, and the internet connection from hosting companies.

Dedicated servers are welcomed but not necessary solution for everyone. However if your business operates with a powerful capital base, have a large website, receive a lot of Internet traffic or is involved in e-commerce then dedicated server truly is a necessity.

Typically dedicated servers can be managed and unmanaged. With managed dedicated service hosting provider maintains and monitors the server and operating system, and supports the client. The client has no need to administer the resources as the provider takes care of that as well as any technical issues that may appear. Managed dedicated service offers both small and large companies with the powerful, fast and reliable web presence.

The unmanaged dedicated service is the one where servers are maintained and run by the clients. The host provides the storage space and bandwidth in line with the selected plan, and the physical security for the server. With this type of service client should have a knowledgeable team capable to handle potential technical problems. And host can provide consultancy on demand.

In short dedicated servers provide high levels of reliability, security, better performance and greater uptime.

Dedicated servers are not cheap, so you should make sure that you choose the provider that will give you the best value for your money.

These are some basic criteria you should apply in order to choose a quality dedicated server host and enjoy all the benefits of the service, such as unlimited bandwidth and disk space, better security and performance


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