Blog | Concrete Benefits That Co-location Brings To Your Business

Businesses nowadays are under a great amount of pressure to adapt. Business operations are expanding at a rapid pace, and need of additional IT infrastructure rises, for many, co-location is an ideal solution. When deciding on a co-location there are many aspects that should be taken into consideration.

Recent study by Vanson Bourne  showed that enterprises (53% of them) said they were likely to shift to a colocation solution as their business grows in the future.

Among responders that currently use both colocation and managed hosting majority, 73% said that they are likely to move towards further colocation as their business grows, on the other hand 24% are more likely to move toward more managed hosting.

These results clearly show that there is a trend toward co-location, which is logical, considering the advancements that have been made in the industry, as well as number of benefits that colocation provides. Here is a list of benefits, or rather reasons to consider colocation for your business:

Data centers are connected to multiple carriers, Internet service providers and regional networks, and utilize extremely large bandwidth pipes. All of these empower business to achieve global connectivity quickly, securely, and cost effectively, in other words getting the most for their money.

Among many benefits of colocation service is 24/7/365 access to highly qualified data center engineers, network engineers and an in-house Technology Operations Centre. Data center experts are closely monitoring and controlling network activity to ensure absolute availability. They guarantee that all issues that arise will be investigated and resolved.

When it comes to security, colocation centers not only employ the latest security techniques for protecting data, they also provide a range of security measures to prevent unauthorized access on a physical level. This includes all aspects from military-grade pass card access systems to biometric scans and CCTV surveillance.

Protecting mission critical applications and data from natural or human caused disasters is a necessity. Colocation data centers provide that type of security and ensure that your business hardware isn’t affected in the event of a disaster at your business premises.

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