Blog | Cloud or Dedicated Hosting, Which is Right For Your Business

Cloud hosting has revolutionized the hosting industry, but does it mean that it is time for you to shift from dedicated hosting to the cloud. It can be tempting to jump onto the cloud wagon, but before you make that leap you should consider some important aspects of both hosting options.

There are aspects of the cloud that offer certain advantages over dedicated hosting, and those are:

Dedicated hosting comes with higher expenses, and it implies that you have a certain level of expertise to handle it properly. Cloud hosting comes with  pay-what-you-use system which is an ideal solution for businesses that have seasonal or occasional traffic peaks. Cloud liberates these businesses from long term fixed payment that comes with dedicated hosting.

Cloud is a virtualized environment, and you can deploy large data and as many virtual machines as you need without using or investing in large hardware resources.

As previously stated scalability and flexible payment model makes cloud a perfect solution for seasonal or unplanned traffic spikes. Additional plus is the fact that cloud scales automatically and scales back when the need for additional resources ceases.

Some of the latest trends such as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and PaaS require cloud infrastructure in order to be implemented. If your company is looking to incorporate these trends, the underlying cloud structure is a necessity.

Cloud enables you to easily manage your assets via APIs. Monitoring resources and virtual machine outputs is simple and transparent. You can generate performance reports without the typical hardware, network management systems and datacenters.


Cloud indeed offers many features and benefits that modern businesses require, however it is worth reminding that dedicated hosting also has its set of advantages over the cloud. Therefore if you go with the cloud hosting these are the benefits you will be missing out on:

If you are looking for a predictable, stable performance and highest security available then dedicated hosting is still your best option. Dedicated hosting is more steady and enables you to build robust server instances for larger computing needs than a cloud. These powerful servers can maintain large databases and provide high performance computing environments for your business needs.

Dedicated servers are fully customizable and can be designed to suit your requirements perfectly. As you are the administrator of your server you have the full control over the server, with cloud hosting that is not the case.

Cloud’s pay-what-you-use model looks economical but you should be aware that in the long run the sum of costs will match and probably exceed the cost of a dedicated hosting package.

With dedicated hosting all the server resources are dedicated solely for your business. With cloud hosting you only get access to a portion of the virtual machine that is shared with several other customers.

After listing pros and cons of both hosting options you should be better equipped to make your decision. In many cases the choice for one or the other will depend mainly on the nature of your business, budget and other specific requirements.

Whatever your decision is, a reliable hosting provider such as averthost will be able to accommodate. We are very proud of the next generation cloud hosting that we offer, however we encourage you to investigate our dedicated hosting plans as well. If you have any questions about additional features and benefits of these hosting solutions, our expert team is here to provide answers and advice.


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