Blog | Advantages of AvertHost High Performance Dedicated Servers

The hosting industry is continually evolving and businesses today have numerous hosting options available. Companies are increasingly modernizing and following new technology trends pushing providers to improve their offering.

As previously stated, many things have changed over the past decade however dedicated servers remain the premium hosting options especially for businesses seeking high performance hardware for mission critical applications. This article aims to summarize advantages that arise from reliable hosting provider for your dedicated server requirements.

Dedicated servers offered by experienced and reliable providers include full support as standard. If you choose a fully managed service, you also gain access to 24×7 expert support team that will assist you with any queries or issues that you might experience.

Reliable host empowers you to make the most of your dedicated server with expert team helping you setup your dedicated server with all the applications and services you require.  On the other hand, if you are looking to develop a secure environment your host can can give you a hand in securing your server as well.

If you are not fully confident about your technical knowledge but are keen to manage your dedicated server with as little assistance as possible then a control panel will provide you with the tools to do this. averthost provides its dedicated server customers with the choice of cPanel for Linux or Parallels Plesk for Windows.

Both cPanel and Plesk are considered the industry leaders and have intuitive, easy-to-use web-based interfaces that simplify server management for administrators and hosting account management for clients.

Although both control panels come with a small additional monthly fee, most users opt to use them as they simplify numerous, otherwise complex tasks.

An experienced hosting provider averthost uses only the very best hardware available for its reliable dedicated servers.

Chosen vendors have the best track records of providing reliable hardware that is able to cope in even the most demanding of circumstances. However averthost empowers you to build a dedicated server that is as robust as you need it to be.

You are given a range of hardware options so that you can build a machine capable to serve your applications and meet the demand with ease, and most importantly keep you on the budget.

averthost takes pride in its proactive monitoring service as it checks your server on regular basis and is included with all dedicated servers. Automated monitoring ensures that your server is available and in good health.

Any issues that may occur will be picked up before they turn into issues, in most cases our expert team will detect and fix the issue before you become aware of them and reach to our support.

Still not convinced? Here is the summary of advantages of averthost dedicated servers:

If your website is attracting more visitors and you are in need of more computing power, security, and reliability then dedicated server hosting is what you need to match your application requirements.

If you are running your eCommerce you need to store credit cards and customer data on your secure and private hosting environment. When it comes to security dedicated servers have no match. On the other hand eCommerce websites require high performance for the best customer experience and again dedicated server is the ideal choice as it not only guarantees your maximal availability, it also ensures that your server performance is not influenced by any other users.

If you are looking to host your business application such as ERP, CRM, Accounting Software, you need the most reliable hosting option available. As these application are often resource intensive and require higher memory, cpu disk I/O than offered in a shared environment,it is logical to go with dedicated server.

averthost dedicated servers enable you to swiftly customize, configure, and install applications. Servers are under your full control and easily managed via user friendly panel.

Our servers are designed with cutting-edge hardware manufactured by industry leading brands that have an excellent track record. Having a dedicated environment offered by averthost ensures uppermost level of security; ultra-fast speed and SLA backed network uptime. There is no reason why your hosting experience should not be an exceptional one.

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