Best Anti Ransomware to be used in 2017

One of the greatest cyber threats in 2017 is ransomware. Simply put, it is actually a type of malware that is used by the malicious elements to attack your system and encrypt the data. The data freezes and decryption key lies with the attackers. You will get the decryption key only after paying some hefty amount as asked by the attackers. That’s why it is called ransomware. According to an estimate in 2016, the ransomware made the attackers richer by a whopping $1 billion in 2016. In 2017 the figures are expected to be way higher. That makes ransomware one of the greatest cyber threats in 2017. Luckily there are some strong tools available in the market to save you from ransomware. These tools are specifically made to identify the ransomware, foil their attempts and save your website. Here is some of the bets anti-ransomware for 2017:

Cybereason’s RansomFree employs a tricky strategy to identify the presence of ransomware and foil its efforts. The Cyberreason relies on identifying the behaviors of ransomware to detect their presence and inform the user. Creation of bait files is one such methodology. This smart tool first lures the Ransomware by creating bait files in the preferred locations of ransomware. As the ransomware tries to modify these files, it alarms the Cybereason that promptly informs you of the presence of ransomware so that you can take the precautionary measures before it can harm you. Likewise, there are several other methodologies to detect the presence of ransomware and notify you before they can harm your site but most of the methodologies are kept secret for the obvious reasons.

After detecting various processes the tool effectively uproots the malware while allowing the good process to continue functioning. It also looks for the processes that is neither malware nor good processes, and identifies them as unknowns. After closely monitoring the behavior of such processes the Webroot decides whether or not the “unknowns” can be harmful to the computer. Unknown processes are barred from making internet connections. Each local action is recorded. Webroot central deeply analyze the unknown and if it is recognized as malicious, Webroot undoes each action carried out by the program, including, but not limited to encryption. It employs recorded journal data in order to undo these actions. However, it has a limited database so the users are still advised to backup their important files.

Acronis Active protection module keeps a close eye on ransomware and discourages its behavior. The falsely flagging valid tools like encryption software are avoided by using whitelisting. It also guards the main Acronis process against being modified and ensures that backed up files are not accessible by any other process. If some fields are encrypted by ransomware before they are eradicated then using the latest backup, Acronis can effectively restore them

Bit defender proactively guards the protected folder against any attempts made by unidentified programs to create, modify or delete files. All such attempts are effectively blocked. There is a good list of major elements of interest that can play a vital role for any webmaster like Desktop, Documents and media like Music, Pictures, and Videos and folders available on file-syncing services including Dropbox, OneDrive, Box and Google Drive.

As advised by averthost networking experts, Trend Micro Security offers effective protections to the document folder and that of its subfolders. If desired the user is allowed to choose any other single folder its subfolders but the quantity is limited to one. While the unauthorized program can create the file, it could not be able to modify the files or delete them in the protected zone. A unique feature offered by the company is ransomware hotline that is actually an information source enlightening on deleting specific screen locker ransomware and how to recover the file encrypted by ransomware. The hotline service is available to all and any person who needs special tech-support on ransomware can call the number 1-877-558-7363 (5 AM-8 PM)

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