7 Reasons to Select a Dedicated Server

What is the concept of Web Hosting Solutions? 

A technically supported way of making your website available or accessible to a number of users via the World Wide Web. These Servers are broadly classified on the basis of various aspects like their amount of storage capacity, reliability, server speed amongst the others into Shared Server Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Server Hosting. For people to get access to a website in the Virtual sphere, it needs to be hosted somewhere in the Physical world on a particular server. Dedicated Server Hosting refers to the type of hosting wherein the ones who choose to invest in it, get one of these servers entirely for their independent usage. 

What is a Dedicated server?

Generally, large businesses, especially e-commerce portals tend to adapt to this type of Web Hosting. Though it is to be noted that Dedicated Server Hosting is comparatively expensive as compared to the other Web Hosting options. The Linux dedicated Server is becoming one of the most sought-after and desirable server options in spite of the Windows Dedicated Servers having their regular client following who are comfortable with their format. 

It has to be understood that the Windows Dedicated Servers are run on the Windows Operating System and the Linux Dedicated Servers are run on the Linux Operating System making the user interface of both these Servers strikingly different. Most of the time, people tend to stick to the operating systems that they have been using already as it generally gets difficult for people to switch to the other one. 

The Linux Server generally does offer a greater level of reliability, stability, and security as compared to its Windows counterpart. 

The pricing factor becomes one of the factors that clearly affect the preferences of the clients when it comes to their choice of Dedicated Hosting. The pricing of the Linux Dedicated Server is comparatively cheaper than Windows Dedicated Server as it is independent of the licensing fees owing to its attribute of being an open-source Operating System. 

Most of the developers find it challenging or difficult to adapt to another server if they have been familiarized with one for a while and thus try to stick to the one that they have been using for a while. 

The Dedicated Server Hosting can also be classified into Managed Dedicated Servers and Unmanaged Dedicated Servers. The management of a server is an intricate, complex task. Some clients prefer to focus on other aspects of the business rather than investing their time in managing the server. 

Such companies opt for the Managed Dedicated Servers, wherein the said expert system administrators pick up the task of managing the Server on a day-to-day basis. Effective measures are taken to make sure the server is running smoothly and all the hardware problems are taken care of. Unmanaged Dedicated Servers are for those who choose to manage their server by themselves. 

Unmanaged Dedicated Servers have certain distinguishing factors like the fact that it grants you complete access, control, and freedom to the server in addition to the fact that they are comparatively cheaper. 


Performance: –  

           In the case of a Dedicated Server, its overall performance is completely independent of the performance of the other websites as it is an independent server altogether. With Dedicated Hosting, you get full access to all of the server resources without any interference or hindrance from other Websites on your server, CPU, or RAM and thus be ensured with a much faster bandwidth resulting in faster loading ensuring a prompt service to the traffic created. 

Dedicated IP: –  

           If you have a Dedicated Server Hosting, you technically have a Unique IP Address which means unlike the other servers, you don’t have to share your IP Address with other Websites, and thus are independent of anything that the other websites are responsible for. 

Privacy: –  

You are on a completely autonomous, separate platform, solely accountable for what you decide to do with your Website. It provides you with the much-needed privacy in the case of websites that practice and make transactions of SSL or FTP, which are prone to be meddled with and can lead to a vulnerable situation in case of confidential data. 

Flexibility: –  

Dedicated Server Hosting comes with an option of flexibility that allows you to alter the Disk Space, Software, RAM, and CPU according to the respective needs of the client. 

For websites with major traffic: – 

security, stability, and reliability are some of the prerequisites which are definitely compromised in the case of Shared or VPS Hosting Server options. As mentioned earlier, Dedicated Hosting provides you with an entirely independent platform, ensuring the safety of our Website. 

Security: –  

This eliminates your vulnerability to hackers and secures your data to a great extent. You can send and receive private emails without making the internet a middleman once the devices in your company are connected to a Dedicated Server, owing to the amount of security this adds to your Website. 

Syncing: –  

Dedicated Server allows for Data Syncing, another of its distinguishing features, allowing for files and data to be exchanged within the connected device network to be stored on the server for later use. 

Speed: –  

The speed of your website is one of the crucial aspects that the visitors judge you on. A fast-loading website leads to a convenient and comfortable experience for the visitors ensuring continuous or regular traffic on your website. 

Increase website traffic: –  

You can lose more than half of your overall visitors if your website takes anything more than 3 seconds to load and would also end up compromising your SEO rankings which would again, lead to a decrease in the amount of traffic generated on the said website. A Dedicated Server is considered to be one of the best Server options because one of the highlighting benefits of a Dedicated server is that it ensures an efficient speed that a Shared or a VPS Hosting would never be able to offer. 

Storage: –  

A Dedicated Server Hosting ensures sufficient Storage Space as you are an independent user of the server and no external data from any other user occupies the Disk Space, RAM, or the CPU. 

Thus, if you are in requirement of more storage, faster processing, and a better backup; Dedicated Server Hosting is the best option for you as it offers you more than what you need and expect. 

The biggest highlighting feature of the Dedicated Server Hosting is that it gives you the root access to the server because of which, you can exclusively direct the use of your website, making it completely flexible to the needs of your growing business; ensuring the best customer experience. 

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