5 Great Web Hosting Panels To Effectively Manage Your Site

In order to ensure the best functionality of your site, you need a competent web hosting panel that aligns with your technical expertise and specific business requirements. An ideal hosting panel should be compatible with your operating system and does not compress your capabilities or interrupts the smooth operations. While there are a number of web hosting panels available in the market, you need to choose the one that is ideal for your specific objectives and organization. In this blog we are presenting top 5 web hosting panels that can efficiently help you to take care of your site management needs without any issues:



Respected as a highly popular panel across the globe, cPanel aims to create a friendly ecosystem for the clients by spreading awareness and technical information in the simple-to-understand, jargon-free language via diverse platforms and formats. It offers a wide array of an informative resource like detailed documentation, knowledgebase and media tutorials to offer a better understanding of the subject. However, one major initiative by cPanel that deserves a separate mention is the cPanel University a professionally run online platform run by expert trainers who impart free online training sessions to help netizens acquire and enhance their cPanel knowledge.

cPanel offers quality assistance to the end users for successfully resolving web hosting challenges while at the same time it equips the hosting service vendors to gear up their business potential with the help of improved management capabilities.

Constant evolution and community-driven endeavors are two strong points that have offered a distinct position to cpanel.

However, the window clients might find it a bit inconvenient to work with cPanel as it would need a virtualization system.


Plesk enjoys a premium position as one of the most beginner friendly control panels. Plesk enjoys the leading position especially in the US and Europe. It fully supports windows while at the same time it offers strong compatibility for most of the popular Linux versions.

Plesk user interface is a hit among the beginners and non-technical clients because it offers a clutter-free look, simple processes, and easy steps. Plesk also helps advanced users by offering them extended capabilities for a personalized experience and better customization capabilities.


If you are looking for an easy and fast interface and doesn’t have any specific requirements for heavy functionalities then you can go for DirectAdmin. Especially designed to support diverse basic functionalities, DirectAdmin is a friendly panel for new and nontechnical resellers that will not overwhelm you with a plethora of advanced tools and menus that you don’t require. 


It is a great asset for the hosting providers who are looking to acquire advanced admin skills without going through complicated processes. It offers you a sophisticated ecosystem for advanced monitoring and permission capabilities. If you are not sure about the relevance of the panel for your needs then you can first try its free web edition that comes with certain limitations but allows you to enjoy major key functionalities.


Developed by ISPsystem, ISPmanager is easy to use control panel available in two editions. It has a prove track record of providing advanced professional capabilities to the clients for the last 20+ years.  While the panel’s commercial popularity is concentrated in East Europe its capabilities transcend across a number of platforms and use cases. It can efficiently tackle any number of domains and offers extended customization for perfectly catering to the specific requirements.

Along with effectively managing VPS and dedicated server with its Lite version ISPManager also offers a fine solution for reseller hosting with its more advanced business version

Two USPs of the ISPmanager are cost and competency. It is easily affordable for small clients due to its highly economical prices. At the same time, you would also enjoy the sophisticated features that are comparable with leading hosting panels.

Which hosting panel is right for you?

If you are not sure about the best hosting panel to choose from the above list then you can choose either of the 2 most popular panels- cPanel and Plesk as both of them come with business-friendly features.

USPs of cPanel



USPs of Plesk



A large number of hosting panels are available in the market to take care of your site management needs. So, it can sometimes be overwhelming to choose the best hosting panel that is relevant to your needs and perfectly aligns with your technical proficiency. In this blog, we have mentioned top 5 hosting panels that offer varying degrees of efficiency and feature set so that you can be able to wisely choose the right option that caters to your needs without limiting your capabilities.

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